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Magic Cat Academy - Google Doodle

My part on the Halloween Doodle Team was to create concepts, storyboards, character designs, and rough animations for the Doodle! Let's go on a journey with a selection of work...

Google Doodles 2017


Google Doodles 2016

Phoebe Snetsinger's 85th Birthday

Gloria Fuertes' 99th Birthday

QiXi Festival

Asep Sunandar's 61st Birthday

Chuseok Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival (Taiwan, Hong Kong)

Caroline Herschel's 266th Birthday

2016 Songkran Festival

2016 Girls' and Boys' Day

Mega Man

A collection of Megaman fan art! Mostly doodles.

Happy 29th Anniversary!
(continuation from above)


A man and a dog struggle with the command, "stay."
MICA junior film. Music by Olafur Arnalds. I do not claim any credit for the music.

Below are some work-in-progress gifs!

Play Ball for One

Ancient the Hero

Ancient the Hero is a comic/game hybrid I'm currently developing! Below are a handful of concepts and explorations.

Pudgy Penguin

A collaboration with Olivia Huynh for Loop De Loop's challenge, Gravity.
I did the rough animation, which you can see below!

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