Demo Reel

Animated Sketch Book

Little animations I've made during downtime. More can be found right here!




Zero's Two Moods
Happy Halloween

Megaman and Bass

When you only save his head...

Just pet him.


Gutsman and Rock

well I've straight up forgotten why I made this

Magic Cat Academy - Google Doodle

My part on the Halloween Doodle Team was to create concepts, storyboards, character designs, and rough animations for the Doodle! Let's go on a journey with a selection of work...

Google Doodles 2017

40th Anniversary of the film Office Romance

Google Doodles 2016

Phoebe Snetsinger's 85th Birthday

Gloria Fuertes' 99th Birthday

QiXi Festival

Asep Sunandar's 61st Birthday

Chuseok Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival (Taiwan, Hong Kong)

Caroline Herschel's 266th Birthday

2016 Songkran Festival

2016 Girls' and Boys' Day

Mega Man

A collection of Megaman fan art! Mostly doodles.

Happy 29th Anniversary!
(continuation from above)


A man and a dog struggle with the command, "stay."
MICA junior film. Music by Olafur Arnalds. I do not claim any credit for the music.

Below are some work-in-progress gifs!

Play Ball for One

FoxADHD Animated Gifs

Happy New Year!

The end of Dog Years!

Beyonce's Your's and Mine

Do not touch my Donut

Let's Build a Snowman...

Beach Body

Too Cold!

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